A Deer Story

This is a True Deer Story

Titled: Professional Dragger by Ken Moody

This is a true deer story about one of my most memorable deer hunts that I have ever had. The year was 1993. Little did I know that this deer would get me into The State Of Maine’s “Antler And Skull”  Trophy Club and into there hard covered book. It also got me a patch and I was entered into the Big Bucks Of Maine Club. Below I will write the story just as it is written in the Antler and Skull book.

Professional Dragger
Ken Moody

Disabled at forty-six years of age with Rheumatoid Arthritis, some of my friends say it was caused by too much fishing and hunting. I don’t think it’s possible to get too much of either! In July of 1991, I was suspected of having Lyme’s Disease and was hospitalized for five weeks. Feeling better now, I credit it to my love of outdoor activities.

I owe many thanks to my hunting partner, Brian, for being there when I needed him. I have shot seven bucks and Brian has helped drag out five of them. He says in the future when he hear me shoot, he will be going the other direction. It feels great to have your own professional ‘deer dragger.    B008YLWIL6

During the second week of the 1993 hunting season my brother-in-law, Any, invited me to hunt with him. The first trip I missed a fine deer while I was sitting on a tote road near the edge of a ground-up clear cut. Later on, that same afternoon, the results were similar. I knew something was wrong. At Andy’s house we checked the scope and found it to be defective. After replacing that scope with a borrowed one from Brian, I checked it for accuracy. A few adjustments were made and we were ready for another experience.      Scouting the same area I had missed these two deer, we found many ruts and scrapes and decided to make our November 13 trip to the area.      B00794LIXS

Brian picked me up at 5:30 A.M. sharp. we each at lunch packed with a thermos of coffee for a long day of tramping through new hunting grounds. Soon we were escorted to our chosen stands by the mild but cool morning weather. My selected stand was along an old logging path that had a view of a hardwood ridge , which sloped to a large cedar swamp, the squirrels brought the sunrise with them as they started to become active. Sitting in that dim light dreaming of monster trophy bucks, I heard a noise to my left. There he was! at seventy-five yards, he walked down the middle of the road, feeding on the remaining green growth.     B000FZX93K

I cautiously raised my rifle and took aim, hoping that I had done an adequate job sighting in my scope. He lifted his head, I fired, then he flipped over, regained his feet, and charged directly towards me. At thirty yards I squeezed the trigger again. Turning to the right, with one jump he vanished into the dense thicket bordering the roadside.

   I inspected the tote road and found signs of a hit. When Brian arrived, he helped with the tracking chores. The blood trail became very visible at twenty-five yards, and another seventy paces revealed his location. The scope had done the intended job.

After the field dressing assignment was completed, we took him to be weighed and tagged. My trophy topped the scales at 209 1/2 pounds. That got me a “Big Bucks of Maine” patch, plus, I also entered him in the Maine Antler ans Skull Trophy Club with a score of 154. The buck was placed in the number three slot in the Current Perfect Deer Category for the 1993 hunting season. The certificate and patch from MASTC    will serve to remind me of a very successful hunting season.   

I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to hunt the Great State Of Maine and look forward to our 1994 season.

To all my fellow sportsmen and sports-women, good luck to you during 1994. I hope to be reading about your trophy in the next MASTC Big Game Record Book to.



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