In this topic I will be talking about Mock Scrapes, What they are, and how to make them

Mock Scrapes

The way in which a whitetail buck makes a scrape is unique and very fascinationg to say the least. There is a lot of opinions by experts when telling about there observations along with many meanings behind the scrapes. Hunters like to debate this topic a lot regarding whether or not the mock scrapes work.

Many hunters have different opinions as far as what scrapes mean and which deer actually use them. A scrape is made by a buck and is followed by does checking the scrapes. The doe will then leave her bussiness card so-to-speak when she is ready to talk. This explanation is true in many ways

Deer Scrape

 The Location Of Scrapes

Bucks will scrape anytime from September all the way into January, but most hunters would agree that the scrapes that are made from mid- October through the end of November means the most and are the times that I like to hunt the most. The scrapes are not intended for bucks only, instead bucks make scrapes in locations where they know will be visited by a lot of does. When you find several scrapes forming a scrape line, you can be assured that the buck is scraping for a purpose, and they are usually a little differant then the few scrapes found through September and early October. Most of the scrapes that are found for breeding purposes generally will take place about 30 days before peak breeding times. A lot of hunters will hunt scrapes during the peak rut, when really it should be the weeks prior. This also the best time to be using scents and lures, especially when making a mock scrape.

Making And Hunting A Mock Scrape

Hunting mock scrapes has been a very successful tactic for me throughout the years and his being used by a lot of hunters with a lot of success also. Making a mock scrape can acheive multiple effects when trying to hunt a mature buck; it can make a buck go from checking scrapes nocturnally to checking them during daylight hours, and more importantly it directs them to a specific location where you can get a better chance at a shot opportunity.

I like to set up a game camera over an existing scrape, from doing this many times, I already know that bucks will check a scrape. Scrapes make a bucks presence known to other deer and lets does in the area that are getting close to estrus know of his existence. Also its letting other bucks know to stay away. During the time that the buck is waiting for the right doe, other bucks will check in on the scrape hoping for a chance to contact her first. This is why so many bucks show up on trail cameras that are overhanging a scrape.

Whenever I start seeing a lot of bucks showing up on my game camera is when I begin making a mock scrape. When I make one, I make sure that I am completely scent free, mostly my feet, as they will be in contact with the area the most. I wear rubber boots because they are made of scent free rubber and are easy to spray down with a scent eliminator. I use a stick to clean out a 2 to 3 foot circle being careful to leave the least amount of human scent as is possible. Once the dirt is exposed and I am happy with the scrape, I then place some scent into it.

Here is a couple of ways that I like to use scents.When I know that it is an area I’ll be hunting on multiple occasions, I like to use a scent dripper. there is one that is called the Magnum Scrape Generator  that is good but are other ones also that work good to. The scent generator is a scent dispenser designed to hold scent for weeks at a time, and only dripping scent during daylight hours, which brings bucks during that time.

Being its a mock scrape, a buck will think that another buck has entered its territory, and as the dispenser continues to drip, the buck will begin to check the scrape a lot more frequently. This is a great tactic that I like to use when hunting a stand for several days in a roll, as it allows me to avoid the scrape site, thus keeping my scent to a minimum, completely scent-free.

During hunting season, a lot of hunters are only able to hunt a limited amount of time due to work, events, ETC. Sometimes the weather gets so bad with lots of rain or snow making it differcult for hunting. Because of this it is important to speed up the process. A good way to do this using a mock scrape is to use a scent wick applied along with scent on the ground. There are scents that are good for this. If you are using scents on the ground, they will need to be freshened up whenever you have a lot of rain. These scents will all make a buck curious. With both scent tactics in place, your goalk would be to bring a buck into a specific area. Using more scent will make a buck think that it is fresh and keep them in the area.

When using a mock scrape or even a natual scrape, try to set up between 20 and 30 yards with a tree stand or a ground blind, that way you will know that the buck will be well within your range when he shows up. You can hunt these scrapes for several weeks. When an estrus doe moves into the area to leave her scent, the buck will usually leave the scrape until she is bred, and then return looking for the next doe. With the right adjustments as the rut progresses, the mock scrape will keep working for a long period of time.

Using these tactics that I have laid for you along with what you may already be doing from pass experiences that has been working, I expect that your next hunting season will be more exciting than ever!


After all is said and done and you have read and understand these tactics, you most likely will have an exciting and successful season. I want to say that I take my hunting seriously but at the same time I have a lot of fun and totally enjoy my hunts. Below I have included a little bit of Humor, Enjoy!

Wishing you all, the best hunting season ever as you head out on your next hunt!

My Best To All









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